20240426 Layers All the Way Down - chat and more

Layers All the Way Down: Practical Conversations about Multimedia Editing for Informal Educators.  Ever found something online, an image, a video, a 3D model, and wished you could tweak it just a little bit to perfectly suit your needs?  Do you have any staff/volunteers/student interns who are interested in content creation for social media/programming/marketing/web development?  Do you already have a multimedia project or a workflow that you want to optimize?  Are you looking for educational content and programming ideas for older students or even adults in your community?  Join this guided discussion and explore YOUR questions about customizing 2D, 3D, and immersive multimedia. Facilitator: Jeff Nee from NASA's Museum & Informal Education Alliance. Slides.

Post Seminar Resources and Conversations, in no particular order:


Chat from Recording:

11:05:26 From Rosemary Walling to Everyone:

[Jeff slides are at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hcsqsOwyinjClSYvbs4TOM9zUAU36KxCy8key32a30w/edit?usp=sharing]

11:08:30 From Jennifer C Frost : Public domain. Same with NPS and other federal bureaus and agencies.

11:08:42 From Jeff : Jeff Carr, Utah, developing Earths first AR Planetarium

11:09:51 From Joe Witte : Hi, Joe Witte here in LA.

11:10:23 From Jennifer C Frost : I think it comes from cultural stories about how Earth came into existence (it sits on a turtle).

11:10:40 From Radhika Vekaria : It’s in Vedic stories

11:10:48 From Jennifer C Frost : Reacted to "It’s in Vedic storie..." with 👍🏻

11:10:56 From Radhika Vekaria : Reacted to "I think it comes fro..." with 👍

11:11:24 From Radhika Vekaria : Removed a 👍 reaction from "I think it comes fro..."

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11:13:31 From Philip Blanco : I first heard of "Turtles all the way down" in the opening chapter of Hawking's Brief History of Time.

11:13:44 From Jennifer C Frost : Yes! This is what I tell my students to informal ed programs, too. Everything is intertwined!

11:15:03 From Jennifer C Frost : A scientist is creative by definition. It all begins with a (educated) guess that is proven or disproven.

11:15:17 From Ryan Moore : <3 <3 love that

11:20:56 From sam@graticube.game : HTTPS://photopea.com

11:22:33 From Jennifer C Frost : Is Gimp still around? I thought they no longer offered it. I have it downloaded, but I didn't think new downloads were possible.

11:23:00 From Cal Powell : Gimp is still viable.

11:23:03 From Dário Fonseca : https://www.gimp.org/

11:23:06 From Kevin Kopchynski : Yes very much active. gimp.org

11:23:42 From Jennifer C Frost : Thank you. I think I was mixing it up with a PS add-on. Glad it is still around!

11:26:43 From Rosemary Walling : Latest GIMP is 2.10.36, but it looks like they are working on a version 3.

11:27:02 From Jennifer C Frost : Reacted to "Latest GIMP is 2.10...." with 👏🏻

11:31:01 From sam@graticube.game : Thank you so much for your presentation! I apologize that I have another commitment now. If there’s a recording, I would very much like to watch it later.  Sam@graticube.game

11:31:34 From Jennifer C Frost : Krita, Davinci Resolve . . . what were the other two?

11:32:14 From Edward rafacz : Is Krita and the rest for video?

11:32:30 From Rosemary Walling : Canva was one

11:32:40 From Jennifer C Frost : I looked it up; Krita is more like Paint.

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11:37:11 From Diana Yoder (she/her) : Does anyone have a favorite source for gimp tutorials?

11:37:20 From Kevin Kopchynski : and save versions too!

11:37:31 From Jennifer C Frost : Reacted to "and save versions to..." with 👍🏻

11:38:32 From Jeremy Amarant : Jeremy Amarant SAGE Planetarium, Palmdale School District, Palmdale, CA

11:40:23 From Jennifer C Frost : Yes. And, this is a concern for sensitive cultural sites and sensitive species. Please do be very careful about posting publicly photos with metadata.

11:42:50 From Jennifer C Frost : There have also been experts that demonstrated that the precise location within a house could be identified through a photo's metadata. This was brought up in relation to theft and child abductions.

11:46:45 From Rosemary Walling : Just a reminder. If you have ideas for topics or speakers for our future seminars, I'd be happy to hear from you. rosemary@mariedrakeplanetarium.org

11:47:06 From Philip Blanco : Veritasium did a video debunking visual/auditory etc. learning with street interviews.

11:47:18 From Jennifer C Frost : No, Alan. You are correct. I have worked with people, who do learn better including something they lean toward. The "debunking" was with personal beliefs about the type of learner the individual believes they are.

11:47:37 From Philip Blanco : Reacted to "No, Alan. You are co..." with 👍🏻

11:49:49 From Jeremy Amarant : My son was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder. Auditory processing disorder (APD) is a hearing problem that affects about 3%–5% of school-aged children. Kids with this condition, also known as central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), can't understand what they hear in the same way other kids do. This is because their ears and brain don't fully coordinate.

11:54:05 From Jennifer C Frost : Photoshop and Illustrator are also very different platforms with different tools, so you are relearning the software even though both are from Adobe.

11:55:56 From Edward rafacz : Where can we get these 3D images?

11:57:35 From Edward rafacz : yes

11:57:41 From Edward rafacz : Thanks!

12:06:36 From Jennifer C Frost : In PowerPoint, it is in the Format Picture options.

12:06:55 From Philip Blanco : Reacted to "In PowerPoint, it is..." with 👍🏻

12:07:07 From Rosemary Walling : rosemary@mariedrakeplanetaruim.org

12:07:30 From John Gus Erickson : For edge detection, sometimes I have copied a layer,   and then increased the contrast, (usually using the 'curves' function) and then after isolating the part I want, I can select the part I want in the high contrast image and then use that to select the same object in the original image, and copy it. Did that make sense?

12:07:55 From Rosemary Walling : Correct spelling: rosemary@mariedrakeplanetarium.org

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12:09:17 From Rosemary Walling : If you came late, please add your name in the chat. Thank you

12:09:26 From Ryan Moore : Ryan Moore, Los Angeles :)

12:09:42 From John Gus Erickson : John Erickson, Richmond, CA

12:09:52 From Philip Blanco : Philip Blanco, San Diego CA.

12:11:16 From Joe Witte : Gotta go. Thanks Jeff for putting tis together.

12:13:26 From Philip Blanco : Come back again Jeff! Part Two! (Including AI tools?)

12:13:38 From Jennifer C Frost : Reacted to "Come back again Jeff..." with 👍🏻

12:13:50 From Radhika Vekaria : Reacted to "Come back again Jeff..." with 👍

12:17:43 From Edward rafacz : If we have a 3D interactive Virtual Reality tool and would like to see it on a dome, what format does it need to be in? Can it be in html?

12:18:39 From Edward rafacz : That 360 view/ where can we get it?

12:19:03 From Jeremy Amarant : We do 360º video on our dome with Digistar 7. it shows 360X180, or 1/2

12:21:21 From Edward rafacz : Can you take a link on the internet and project it?

12:21:40 From Jeremy Amarant : We can

12:22:08 From Edward rafacz : Can I give you a link to try it out?

12:22:34 From Radhika Vekaria : Reacted to "My son was diagnosed..." with 🙏

12:22:49 From Rosemary Walling : Recording will be posted (and archived) on ppadomes.org, and other places.

12:23:57 From Radhika Vekaria : Have to run, thank you everyone!  You’re all making our life on Earth a lot richer…🙏

12:24:55 From Barbara from GCC : I have to take off too.  Thanks.  This was great!

12:25:41 From Cal Powell : Great job, Jeff. Much appreciated.

12:26:18 From Guilherme Marranghello : Thanks Jeff! It is always great to see your talks and also thanks for sharing all these wonderful materials. I took a look on it and can't wait to start exploring it. I have to go. Bye

12:27:24 From Diana Yoder (she/her) : Thank you!

12:30:00 From Dário Fonseca : Amateras Dome Player (free) may help you see how images/panoramas/videos would look in the dome

12:31:07 From Jeff Nee (he/him) Screen : https://informal.jpl.nasa.gov/museum/360-video