Chat from 2020-12-18

14:00:27 From Steve Kocsis : Steve Kocsis, Juneau, AK

14:00:33 From Cristina Della Rosa : Juneau, Alaska. America's prettiest capital

14:00:36 From Todd Ullery : Hello from York, PA

14:00:38 From Geoff Holt : Geoff Holt, Madison, WI, USA

14:00:42 From Katie Iadanza : Katie Iadanza, Lakewood, WA

14:00:42 From John Gus Erickson : John Erickson, Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley

14:00:49 From Rosemary Walling : Rosemary Walling, Marie Drake Planetarium, Juneau, AK

14:00:52 From Dibbs : Hello from Virginia Beach.

14:00:56 From Toshi Komatsu : Toshi Komatsu, De Anza College, Cupertino, CA

14:00:59 From Page Else : Aloha from Hawaii and former Alaskan resident

14:01:04 From Ghent, Chrysta A. : Hi from Jersey City!

14:02:58 From Andy Kreyche : Andy Kreyche, Santa Cruz, CA - 37 ° N, 122 ° W

14:03:12 From Colin Hutcheson : Birmingham UK

14:03:29 From Karl : Karl von Ahnen Santa Cruz Mountains

14:03:32 From Krista Testin : Krista - Omaha NE

14:04:41 From Jack Dunn : Jack Dunn - Cayce, SC

14:05:52 From Noreen Grice : Noreen Grice - New Britain, CT

14:09:27 From Benjamin Mendelsohn : Benjamin Mendelsohn, Los Gatos, CA

14:10:46 From Alan Gould : If you have not done so already, please sign in to the chat where you are from. I'm in Berkeley California with the Lawrence Hall of Science Planetarium, UC Berkeley

14:11:57 From Carole Holmberg : I am in Rock Hill, SC.

14:12:26 From Page Else : Tongass largest Ntl Forest in US

14:18:07 From Dibbs : I've been to Juneau a few times on cruises.

14:21:07 From Andy Kreyche : Yay Pluto!

14:22:09 From Page Else : What are your plans for the analog projector?

14:22:36 From Mike Murray : They make for cool exhibit displays!

14:23:31 From Page Else : Seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for old projectors, History of Planetarium Group with IPS

14:24:20 From Mike Murray :

14:24:21 From Jack Dunn : I would have both digital and get an LED starlamp for the Spitz because it would have an even more beautiful starfield.

14:25:12 From Page Else : Could that be permanent installation at Twin Lakes?

14:25:55 From Ghent, Chrysta A. : RIDP (rest in dwarf planet)

14:30:11 From Page Else : Deadliest Catch?

14:30:16 From Dibbs : Deadliest Catch?

14:30:35 From Page Else : no they are funny!

14:30:40 From Andy Kreyche : I want to hear more about Space Trucker Bruce.

14:31:16 From Alan Gould to Dibbs (Privately) : What's your full Dibbs first or last name?

14:31:28 From Dibbs to Alan Gould (Privately) : Charles Dibbs

14:31:56 From Alan Gould to Dibbs (Privately) : Thanks

14:33:06 From April Whitt : “As it was In the beginning?”

14:33:20 From Rosemary Walling : Parthenon, not Pantheon!

14:33:48 From April Whitt : And that Disney Black Hole movie was awful

14:34:39 From Dibbs : I think the dude from Planet of the Apes was in it

14:38:02 From Mary : Our Matt Blackwell? haha :)

14:38:16 From Krista Testin : I agree every one at WAC 2019 wanted to see our spitz

14:38:50 From Page Else : Having both types of projectors seems ideal

14:40:00 From April Whitt : Hybrid for the win.

14:40:12 From Page Else : the dome is in the middle school? Is it also used as a classroom?

14:40:31 From Charels Dibbs : This is so interesting, but I have to step away.  Will definitely check in next time.

14:40:41 From April Whitt : Bye Charles!

14:40:51 From April Whitt : Charels

14:41:16 From Colin Hutcheson : How many people can you have in at one time (pre-Covid)?

14:44:16 From Alan Gould : was I who misspelled Charles

14:48:54 From Page Else : ask audience to bring their camp chairs to shows

14:49:15 From Colin Hutcheson : get a job lot of deckchairs

14:49:18 From Todd Ullery : Other planetariums redoing their chairs is a good way to get used chairs that are new to you. We did that in our planetarium

14:49:38 From Jack Dunn : Those old original Spitz seats were pretty uncomfortable for adults after a bit.  So probably better without permanent seats.  We had them in the planetarium where I got my start. Needed higher backs to be comfortable.

14:50:15 From Colin Hutcheson : or even airlines - South Downs Planterium in UK got a large number of seats from an old British airways plane

14:51:32 From Ghent, Chrysta A. : "Is that a bouncy castle?!?!"

14:52:33 From April Whitt : We’ve had children throw themselves onto the Starlab, thinking it was a bouncy house.

14:53:24 From Andy Kreyche : Just so they don’t land in the middle ...

14:53:49 From April Whitt : They were lucky - only onto the tunnel. Still painful to fall flat.

14:54:14 From Andy Kreyche : Natural consequences?

14:54:30 From April Whitt : Where’s your parent?

14:57:21 From Alan Gould :

14:58:41 From Jack Dunn : What is the diameter of that dome. 30ft. 24ft.?

15:01:14 From Colin Hutcheson : did you use online fundraising such as gofundme or justgiving, or was it more word of mouth for the smaller donations? If so how successful was it?

15:02:10 From April Whitt : This is such a great tale. I really appreciate positive stories, especially these days

15:03:02 From Colin Hutcheson : Taking notes as I'm advising on a planned a new planetarium thats' trying to fundraise to convert a Victorian water reservoir into a planetraium (Sherwood observatory in Nottingham

15:03:47 From Toshi Komatsu : Is that Marian Call?

15:06:28 From Ghent, Chrysta A. : Did you say ski kayak, Steve?

15:07:21 From Rosemary Walling :

15:07:53 From Page Else : that's the lament of all non-profits, need more voluntters!

15:09:13 From Ghent, Chrysta A. : I was imagining a hybrid of a kayak on skis!

15:09:40 From Alan Gould : Steve Kocsis <>, Steve Kocsis <>, David Hanson <>, Rosemary Walling <>

15:09:40 From Rosemary Walling :

15:09:59 From Rosemary Walling :

15:10:41 From Ghent, Chrysta A. : Thank you so much for presenting!

15:10:46 From Benjamin Mendelsohn : Looking forward to a visit!

15:10:50 From Geoff Holt : Thank you for the presentation!

15:11:15 From Mike Murray : Great presentation!

15:12:07 From April Whitt : This was great. Thanks!

15:13:44 From Toshi Komatsu : The Ricoh Theta SC is a decent 360 camera as well. ~$200

15:14:11 From Toshi Komatsu :

15:15:59 From Jack Dunn : I just put in chat an image shot with the Pix Pro handheld in a square in Prague.

15:18:02 From Colin Hutcheson : similar here in UK - total cloud and lots of rain

15:18:33 From Page Else : Its rainy here in Hilo Hawaii. I had good luck Weds but predicted rain now thru Monday

15:19:00 From Geoff Holt : I got a chance to see both Jupiter and Saturn in the same field of view in a telescope last night!

15:20:57 From Alan Gould : Yes, I got them in the same field also. Amazing.

15:21:41 From Noreen Grice : Have to sign off - thanks for the interesting session!

15:22:04 From Jack Dunn : Must sign off - Be Safe everyone.  Happy Holidays.  Great zoom.

15:23:22 From Dário Fonseca : Coimbra, Portugal

15:25:29 From Rosemary Walling : Travis Rector