2020 June 12 PPA Meeting

PPA Special Business Meeting

(concerning a new PPA mini-grant program)

2020 June 12

Meeting called to order 3:02 pm PDT

by President Karl Von Ahnen

Present: Josh Roberts, Alan Gould, Karl von Ahnen, Benjamin Mendelsohn, Jon Elvert, Andy Kreyche, Toshi Komatsu.

Michele Wistesen is on committee for IPS mini-grants ($500).

She suggested IPS affiliates might be able to help with giving out mini-grants to those who did not get selected by IPS.

Would PPA like to give out mini-grant(s)?

--One application for IPS grant was from Schreder;

Two from Arizona

--Do we want to serve the general WAC regions?

[No real interest there]

--Do we want a mini-grant program every year?

We need to have a formal application process for PPA min-grants. We should serve any planetarium in our area, whether they are IPS members or not.

Could we sustain such a mini-grant program?

With what's currently in our treasury, such a program could last a couple of decades.

How much income do we have from dues & ads?

About $2000 from ads, a couple hundred from dues.

Could have more substantial an award every other year.

Should there be a stipulation to the award that the member benefits PPA somehow?

Should be PPA member!

We should put together an application form within 1-2 months.

Karl: any planetarium in our region should be served by PPA.

Does a planetarium need to be a member of PPA to apply for a grant.

Should there be some sort of recognition of service to PPA e.g. for past officers?

What should be on an application form?



--what specifically would the money be used for?

--are you a PPA member? (members are given priority*)

--How would you let us know how the money was spent: at a business meeting or monthly zoom seminar? Written report? commit to attending a PPA zoom meeting to give a report on your planetarium?

Announcement of PPA mini-grant program Needs to go up within couple of weeks, with a web form on PPA website.

Committee: Jon Elvert, Andy Kreyche, Karl von Ahnen, Alan Gould

We can easily afford three $500 mini-grants this year.

For PPA members and planetariums in the PPA region.

For PPA members in the PPA region.

Should be a perk of membership.

Benjamin moved that PPA allocate $1500 from the general fund to award up to 3 mini-grants this year, of $500 each, awardees to be determined by the newly formed mini-grant committee.

Andy seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

Andy moved to adjourn. Toshi seconded.

Adjourned 4:25.