This is a curated selection of NASA Resources targeted to planetariums from the Museum & Informal Education Alliance.  Resources that require permissions are highlighted.  Contact Jeff Nee if you have any issues, questions, or requests, including if you'd like your own resource page curated by the Alliance.  This short list is not everything NASA has to offer, so if you're looking for more, just ask.  Last updated: 12/20/23.

Featured Resource

Eclipse Resources for Informal Educators - Preparing for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Safety, multimedia, activities, and viewing guidance for the total solar eclipse coming to North America on April 8, 2024.  For a 1-hour webinar detailing much of these resources, try the NISE Net 1/9/24 webinar.  Find a ready-to-use presentation for public audiences, as well as a professional development for other educators.  Get plenty of free multimedia from images to videos, interactives, even fulldome lessons and movies.

Contact Jeff Nee with any questions or issues.

Dome Content

NASA 360 Dome Multimedia
Collection of 360 content and tools

Fiske - NASA Explorations
Fulldome films supported by NASA

OpenSpace Project
Open source dome visualization

Scientific Visualization Studio
Flat and fulldome videos for shows


Alliance Dome Activities
Sampling Mars and more

NISE Net activity kits
Hands-on, social learning 

JPL Education Office
Filter by Types, Subject, and more

NASA Citizen Science
Authentic science to help NASA


NASA Home and City Kiosk
Get it offline from the Alliance

NASA Art and Graphics
Find more from the Alliance

Scale Model Solar System
Tools to build/upgrade your own

Models, Artifacts, and more
Get help from the Alliance

Website / Marketing Tools

NASA Mission Calendar
Amplify STEM programming

Stargazing Videos
More site tools and embeds

Solar System Embed
Embeddable interactives for your site

NASA Printing
Alliance tools for promotions