2023-11-17 chat


11:27:57 From ken brandt To Everyone: Lagnaippe!

11:28:16 From Dave Weinrich To Everyone: Nice to see everyone and interesting presentation Andy. I have to leave for an appointment

11:42:26 From Tim To Everyone: Thanks for the invitation, Andy, and the delightful presentation that brought back many memories of my time in Italy.  Alas, my schedule juggling caught up to me and I need to go!  Thanks again.

11:46:35 From Joe Jordan (Santa Cruz, CA.) To Everyone: There was a scene awhile back (painting of plaza & people) with crescent moon way wrong!  (Check out the shadows of the people & a roof line or wall, to see where the sun was.  This is geometry — aside from the difficulty of seeing such a thin crescent moon in daylight.) I have no problem with it — but it’s just a fun lurking “what’s-wrong-with-this-picture” for astronomy folks (especially) to note! ***.  THANKS for doing this, A.K.!  … have to get off now, but will look forward to the recording AND your in-person talk here in Santa Cruz next month! ***

12:09:30 From Lizzy Longsworth To Everyone: Great talk, Andy! Your brother and I depart in 2 weeks for a similar route and will seek out some of your stops!

12:12:13 From djcw3 To Everyone: Hi, I'm Dee (djcw3) from Colorado. I went to Brescia to present in 1998 - 25 years ago! I still have fond memories. Hi Loris!!

12:13:50 From Loris To Everyone: Thank you for this very interesting presentation, also very useful for our colleagues in Italy that I will inform about the URL in the PPA web site.

12:27:18 From Rosemary Walling To Everyone: Thank you

12:28:05 From Shawn Laatsch To Everyone: Have to run to a 3:30 meeting - thank you Andy, Loris and all involved with the Italy program

12:28:41 From djcw3 To Everyone: I'm glad I tuned in today! Thanks to Susan for the invite.