20230127 chat

2023 Jan 27 11 am PST (19:00 UT) NASA Artemis Mission in Planetarium Programs.
Patricia Moore, NASA's Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate's Outreach Strategist 

Attendance list is incomplete; there were about 26 attendees.

00:25:38 Philip Blanco: Grossmont College near San Diego, CA.

00:26:08 Amie Gallagher: Raritan Valley Community College, New Jersey

00:26:33 Kerry Lewis: Kerry Lewis, miSci museum's planetarium in Schenectady, NY

00:26:36 Dani LeBlanc (she/her): Dani LeBlanc, Charles Hayden Planetarium, Museum of Science, Boston MA

00:27:03 Carole Holmberg, Museum of York County: Carole Holmberg, Rock Hill, SC. I don't have a microphone nor a camera here at work.

00:28:51 Andreas Scholl: Andreas Scholl, Planetarium Historian from Austria

00:55:37 Shawn Laatsch: Have to run - Thanks Patricia!

00:55:46 Mike Murray: Where can we get a copy of your PowerPoint?

00:58:59 Mike Murray: The Saturn V felt that way and it lasted longer!

00:59:34 Carlos Miranda: Also have to run, this was great. Thank you Patricia.

01:06:50 Dani LeBlanc (she/her): Thank you Patricia!  We're super excited to be planning a massive institution-wide Mars Spotlight from April - September this year. What messages about Artemis/Mars do you wish planetariums or science museums would promote more?

01:07:00 Ryan: Reacted to "Have to run - Thanks..." with ❤️

01:07:13 cfdibbs: Great job!

01:07:15 Patricia Moore: https://nasa-external-ocomm.box.com/s/onrtmdvofqluv5ei5kfu5u1pf8v4xqtl

01:07:25 Patricia Moore: Box Link to Artemis Resources [including the slides]

01:08:48 Mike Murray: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nasakennedy/albums/72157664052441771/

01:10:17 Mike Murray: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nasahqphoto/albums/72177720297400430/

01:10:17 cfdibbs: Charles Dibbs Virginia Beach, VA

01:10:20 Rosemary Walling: Perhaps to Jeff Nee: MIE Alliance vs NASA CONNECTS for resources now.

01:10:28 Tony Smith: Tony Smith, WSU Planetarium, Pullman, WA

01:14:31 Jon U. Bell: On the other hand, when's the last time you bought a dekaliter of soda?

01:20:10 Patricia Moore: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nasa2explore/albums/72177720303788800/

01:22:16 Jordan Ecker at Mystic Seaport Museum: I have to run, but thanks for all the info and resources! y'all have a good weekend.  :)

01:29:02 Philip Blanco: I have to give a couple of presentations to seniors doing a "compare and contrast" of Apollo and Artemis - I'm really looking forward to it! (I bet some of the audience worked on Apollo back in the day.)

01:30:30 Kerry Lewis: Thanks for all the info, time and resources! Have to leave, but please have a good weekend!

01:32:11 Mike Murray: Thank you Patricia!

01:32:20 Dani LeBlanc (she/her): Yes thank you so much!!!  :)

01:33:09 Rosemary Walling: Thank you for all the information and resources!