2023 Agenda & Minutes

PPA Business Meeting 06.23.23

[Minutes by Jacque Benitez standing in for PPA Secretary]


Andy Kryeche, Jim Todd, Jeremy Amarant, John Erickson, Benjamin Mendelson, Toshi Komatsu, Karl Von Ahnen, Robert Pippen, Allen Tompson, Karrie Berglund, Katie Iadanza, Andy Kerr, Nick Strobal, Alan Gould, Ryan Wyatt, Ryan Morre, Ken Miller, Tina Ratterman, Kate McCallum, Lieme Forbes, Becky Lindsey, Jacque Benitez

Call to Order 

Additions to the agenda? 

Old Business 

Approval of last meeting's minutes - Approved

Treasurer's Report

Any member who would like more detailed accounting, please contact PPA Treasurer, Alan Gould

IPS Representative report 

Committee reports: 

            IDEA Committee 

            History Non-Committee 

            Mini-Grant Committee 

Question: Can donations come from anyone or just planetarians? 

Answer: YES


New Business 

IPS Questionnaire (See below) 

Mini-Grants discussion (For the committee to take under advisement) 


How much?

How many?

Ideas for funding? 

            See notes above. 

Other discussions? 


President, Treasurer, Secretary

            Nominations? Seconds? 

Mary Holt  for Secretary

Alan Gould for Treasurer

            [In agenda: Ayes and Nays for any running unopposed 

            Form elections committee to send out ballots if needed. ]

Motion to approve by acclimation

Unanimous vote YES!

Alan - This may be his last term

Karl - Six years have been well. Ready to move on.

Jeremy Amarant  for President

            [Close nominations and seconds]          

Motion to approve by acclimation

Unanimously vote Yes!

Form new committee 

            Out Reach/ In Reach Committee - Visit Planetarium and report to the newsletter. Karl was planning on doing it already, making it official.

                        Sub-Committee to seek conference locations 

How many members? 50-100 members, but not all in the region, and some are inactive planetariums. 

Is there an active list of domes? IPS has a list of active physical and portable domes. ~4,000 active planetariums in the world.  The best list of planetariums is the Worldwide Planetariums Database at


Discussion/ form a committee to resolve issues concerning "Board of Trustees" 


            2026 IPS Conference 

Decide on next year's business meeting place/time 

            Possible WAC in PPA area? 

            Asked to join GLPA (read emails)