2022 Nov chat

PZS - 2022 Nov 18, 11am PST. The Astronomy of the Northern Dene (Athabascans), Chris Cannon, Assistant Professor with the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. 


Todd Ullery, York, PA, USA

Andrew Buckingham from Auckland, New Zealand

Cal Powell from Alexandria, VA, USA

Chuck Bueter, Granger, IN

John Erickson, Richmond CA

Bryan Mendez, Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, CA

Carolyn Slivinski, STScI, Baltimore

Jason Trump - Clark Planetarium, Utah

Bryan Child Shaker Heights, OH

Jeremy Amarant SAGE Planetarium Palmdale, CA

Chuck Dibbs Virginia Beach, Virginia

Rosemary Walling, Marie Drake Planetarium, Juneau, AK

Ryan Wyatt, San Francisco, California

On the traditional and unceded lands of the Ramaytush Ohlone

Alan Gould, Lawrence Hall of Science Planetarium, UC Berkeley California USA.

Benjamin Mendelsohn, Jean and E. Floyd Kvamme Planetarium, West Valley College, Saratoga, CA, USA

12:05:13 [Pacific] From cfdibbs to Everyone:

Very well done!

12:05:54 From Benjamin Mendelsohn to Everyone:

Wonderful presentation.  Thank you Chris!

12:08:22 From Benjamin Mendelsohn to Everyone:


12:09:31 From Benjamin Mendelsohn to Everyone:


12:09:47 From Benjamin Mendelsohn to Everyone:

Lower res version for download

12:19:46 From Ryan Wyatt • he | him to Everyone:

One approach is taken by the One Sky Project:


12:21:05 From Ryan Wyatt • he | him to Everyone:

Short films from different cultures. Including two star grouping that cross the entire sky: the Innu canoe and the Diné Thunderbird.

12:24:10 From Ryan Wyatt • he | him to Everyone:

(Sorry, I’m not in a place where I can talk…)

12:26:36 From Ryan Wyatt • he | him to Everyone:

Perhaps Ka‘iu Kimura could join us to talk about One Sky.

12:27:32 From Chuck Bueter to Alan Gould PPA Treasurer(Direct Message):

Thank you for having Chris present without interruption with Q & A.  It was a powerful story well told.

12:27:41 From Alan Gould PPA Treasurer to Everyone:

That would be wonderful, Ryan. Perhaps you could facilitate an invitation.

12:28:26 From Alan Gould PPA Treasurer to Chuck Bueter(Direct Message):

That was per his own suggestion

12:31:11 From Carolyn S to Everyone:

Great, great presentation!

12:32:20 From Rosemary Walling to Everyone:


12:33:15 From cfdibbs to Everyone:

Thank you.