2023-10-27 Chat

10:52:50 From Jeff Nee (he, him) To Everyone: https://photos.app.goo.gl/j2tzAW2eqXFpmcW89


[There were actually a total 19 people who attended]

10:58:13 From Jeff Nee (he, him) To Everyone: jnee@jpl.nasa.gov

11:07:58 From Alan Gould PPA : https://www.ppadomes.org/

11:12:45 From Bill - Sudekum Planetarium : Haven't seen one of those "V" filament pointers in years.

11:28:25 From Jeff Nee (he, him) : https://goo.gl/photos/SQXX8kjBVzQ3LHQb8

11:29:20 From Jon U. Bell : Sorry for late arrival - Jon Bell, Hallstrom Planetarium, Indian River State College, Fort Pierce, Florida

11:32:04 From Joe Witte : Love the home-made creativity

11:38:00 From Richard McColman : I did some searching online yesterday and did run across French's web page featuring his homemade pointer. I didn't copy the URL, but it's still available online somewhere.

11:39:12 From Todd Ullery : bouncing makes me think there is something between the origin and destination you want me to notice.

11:41:52 From Bill - Sudekum Planetarium : I've actually been tinkering with laser pointers for years. Currently working on a way to incorperate a dimmer as a mini-slider (potentiometer) that slightly varies the voltage to the diode. Usually just using the "dot" - but also adding an arrow.

11:42:14 From Carole Holmberg, Museum of York County : I introduce the pointer by saying "red laser pointers, more than just for entertaining cats"

11:47:42 From Jon U. Bell : The Ash laser arrow size can be adjusted by rotating the front barrel...

11:50:42 From Richard McColman : Try surplus shed online for lenses. <surplusshed.com>

12:03:05 From Rosemary Walling : How did you do the lasercutting? Where did you find the machinery?

12:09:33 From Alan Gould PPA : adafruit

12:03:38 From Bill - Sudekum Planetarium : Thank you!

12:03:57 From Carole Holmberg, Museum of York County : It was a great, informative presentation.

12:03:58 From Jon U. Bell  : Huzzah!

12:09:31 From Joe Witte : Thanks everyone.

12:10:22 From Alan Gould PPA : https://www.ppadomes.org/resources/pointer-project

12:12:10 From Andy Kreyche : Thank you. Very cool invention!

12:12:43 From Bryan Mendez (he/him/his) : Gotta go. Thanks John!

12:16:56 From Justin Stevick : Thanks, John (and everyone)!  This was very informative!  Gotta run!

12:19:04 From Richard McColman : Thx!

12:19:11 From Rosemary Walling : Thank you, John!