2024-01-26 chat

Chat for Planetarians' Zoom Seminar 2024 Jan 26 


11:17:58 From Jeff Nee (he, him) to Everyone: Question for later: did your lit review include any planetarium-specific studies on the efficacy of immersive learning environments?

11:23:47 From Cora Braun | Mediendom Kiel, Germany to Everyone: was the questionnaire printed out and handed out to everyone as they went out after the show? or how was the questionnaire distributed?

11:37:04 From Carole Holmberg, Museum of York County to Everyone: We use QR codes after the show.

11:39:46 From April Whitt to Everyone: We did surveys when I was at Fernbank Science Center, to determine how audiences received a particular program. Mitzi Adams - currently at Huntsville - was gathering information about her Hotter Than Blue program.

11:48:58 From A.J. Balatico | University of Washington to Everyone:

[video - Global temperature anomalies from 1880 to 2017]


11:52:08 From Alan Gould PPA to Everyone:

[AJ's email address....] "A.J. Balatico" <balatico@uw.edu>

11:59:07 From JT Towne to Everyone: There is also "chevron" seating out there. Little dome diam. and bench seating may allow audience to find and inspect single images more easily than a very large, concentric-seating dome.

12:03:28 From John Gus Erickson to Everyone: I was "raised" with circular seating and I love it, but I appreciate a sweet spot, not at the zenith, that all can see. There are several options, but for me there are two rules: No one with their back to the zenith, no one turns their head more than 45 degrees to see the sweet spot.

12:04:26 From JT Towne to Everyone: Reacted to "I was "raised" with ..." with 👍

12:05:09 From April Whitt to Everyone: Zenith - I remember Osceola Sexton telling me that if you have a theater full of noisy children, put an image at the zenith. They can’t talk with their heads up.

12:05:24 From April Whitt to Everyone: Cuts off the air.

12:06:47 From April Whitt to Everyone: Thanks

12:07:05 From Kevin Kopchynski to Everyone: Thank you

12:07:07 From Alby Luchko to Everyone: Reacted to "Thank you" with 👍🏻

12:08:28 From JT Towne to Everyone: I did start working in planetariums at 17!