Chat from 2021-04-30

14:03:43 From John Gus Erickson : John Erickson, Berkeley/Richmond, CA

14:04:04 From Alice Few : Alice Few, Federal Way Washington

14:04:05 From Mike Francis : Mike Francis, Newton MA

14:04:15 From Andy Kreyche : Andy Kreyche, Santa Cruz, California

14:04:36 From Sarah Abotsi-Masters : Sarah Abotsi-Masters, Accra, Ghana

14:04:40 From Cal Powell : Cal Powell, Alexandria, VA

14:04:44 From Toshi Komatsu (he/him) : Toshi Komatsu, Cupertino, CA

14:04:49 From Amie Gallagher : Amie Gallagher, Branchburg, New Jersey

14:05:08 From April Whitt : April Whitt, Fernbank Science Center, Atlanta, GA

14:05:53 From Nico Van der Merwe : Nico Van der Merwe, Sutherland Planetarium, South Africa

14:05:57 From Carole Holmberg : Carole Holmberg, Museum of York County, Rock Hill, SC

14:06:20 From Rosemary Walling : Rosemary Walling, Marie Drake Planetarium, Juneau, AK

14:06:31 From Alan Gould -PPA Secretary : Alan Gould, Berkeley California

14:07:49 From Alan Gould -PPA Secretary  To  Nico Van der Merwe(privately) : I hope it's OK we started with Alice.

14:08:11 From Dário Fonseca : Dário Fonseca from Exploratório in Coimbra, Portugal

14:08:13 From Nico Van der Merwe  To  Alan Gould -PPA Secretary(privately) : Its fine no stress

14:09:04 From Tony Smith : Aloha! Tony Smith, Bishop Museum Planetarium, Honolulu

14:29:58 From April Whitt : Alice - would you be willing to share your activities with other planetariums? If someone wants to run a camp or something?

14:38:26 From Alice Few : Yes, once we finish in June I'm hosting a debrief with the faculty and will share the site with PPA after that.  (and after I strip out all the student details)

14:38:40 From April Whitt : Thank you!

14:44:44 From Carole Holmberg : I would like to know if the programs are in English, Afrikaans, and/or other languages.

15:06:05 From Dário Fonseca : Bortle Class 2, it seems

15:07:50 From April Whitt : Every morning in Africa, an antelope wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fasting lion, or it will die.

15:08:13 From April Whitt : Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest antelope or it will die.

15:08:37 From April Whitt : It doesn’t matter if you’re the antelope or the lion. When the sun comes up, you’d better be running.

15:14:47 From April Whitt : Thanks!