Chat from 2020-10-30

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14:47:18 From Todd Ullery : I am five years into a fifteen year license to show "One World, One Sky" from Sky-Skan Inc. They just went out of business. Is the show still licensed?

14:48:29 From Mike Murray : Go Mike Smail!

14:48:51 From john_erickson : Sky-Skan’s European branch is still going, I think. That may also be a factor.

14:49:35 From Mark Webb : nice job Mike

14:50:35 From Mike Smail : Boy howdy, I've been up to my ears on licensing/rights-related work for that show for the past year plus!

14:51:59 From Mike Smail : Shameless plug, if you need to renew your One World, One Sky license (which you originally licensed from Sky-Skan or another company who is no longer in business), get in touch!

14:52:31 From Karrie : @John: You're correct that Sky-Skan Europe is still going. I don't know how/if that factors into licensing, but Sky-Skan Europe is definitely still in business.

14:55:48 From Steve Cooperman : Same as using music for political rallies without asking.

15:01:48 From Karrie : I have to run away. Thanks to Chris for the presentation and to Alan for moderating. Good to see all of you virtually!

15:04:26 From john_erickson : Many CC licenses require attribution and a link to the license. In a planetarium show, or a youtube video, what are acceptable ways to do that? At the end of a program in credits? In the description section on YouTube?

15:06:00 From Rachel Williamson : What about using video/music from YouTube if it says CC license?

15:07:34 From Rachel Williamson : What about YouTube’s music library

15:08:04 From Rachel Williamson : pretty much

15:09:37 From Rachel Williamson : Okay thank you!

15:19:08 From Rosemary Walling : Suppose I create material specific for use by my planetarium. In that material is (1) a combination of material I was given specific permission to use and (2) creative commons with SA.  I never share that material beyond my planetarium and our outreach effort. Does the Creative Commons SA cause a problem?    A second question, If I work with a teacher for a classroom for any material, does Fair Use kick in?

15:19:21 From Rosemary Walling : or TEACH Act

15:19:59 From Rick Nolthenius : What about requiring your students to watch a YouTube, and then take your quiz on it's contents? Is that legal?

15:20:27 From Drew Foster : I would like to come back around to the YouTube restriction before we wrap up please.

15:21:10 From April Whitt : This was excellent. Thank you!

15:21:50 From Steve Cooperman : That photo of Griffith Observatory might be copyrighted. ;)

15:22:09 From Mark Webb : I've attended several sessions about copyright and this is the best so far.

15:22:27 From Geoff Holt : Thanks, Chris! And thanks, Alan for facilitating. Great information.

15:22:55 From Drew Foster : Alan, please stop sharing the screen.

15:23:44 From Rick Nolthenius : So, if I post PDF's of PowerPoints which have non-commercial teaching purpose only, and yet there are images not from a stock agency but just from Google images or wherever? Is that OK?

15:26:34 From Rick Nolthenius : I should say - the PDF's are posted on my website.

15:28:55 From Mike Murray : I do virtual field trips using Zoom as private (not public) presentations. Not recorded either. What are my limitations there?

15:29:55 From Mark Webb : Thank you Chris and Alan!

15:32:38 From Andy Kreyche : Is there a good curated list out there of sites that offer public domain images?

15:32:57 From Marc Taylor : Where I work requires that the streaming public shows be recorded, not classes/school groups

15:33:31 From Steve Cooperman : Thanks! This was great!

15:33:39 From Rick Nolthenius : Thanks Andy; great question

15:33:40 From Katie Iadanza : thanks!

15:33:44 From Rosemary Walling : Thank you

15:33:46 From Dário Fonseca : Thank you!