2022-05-27 Chat

11:03:36 From  Rosemary Walling : Rosemary Walling, Marie Drake Planetarium, Juneau, AK

11:03:56 From  Alan Gould PPA Treasurer : Alan Gould, Berkeley California USA, Lawrence Hall of Science Planetarum

11:04:22 From  Scott Hildreth (he/him/his) : Scott Hildreth, Hayward CA,, Chabot College Planetarium

11:04:25 From  Ken Brandt : Ken Brandt, Director of the Robeson Planetarium

11:04:27 From  Cal Powell : Cal Powell, retired, NASM volunteer, Alexandria, VA

11:04:30 From  Bryan Mendez (he/him/his) : Bryan Mendez, Berkeley, CA, USA Lawrence Hall of Science Plantarium

11:04:30 From  Taylor Planetarium : J. Eric Loberg, Taylor Planetarium, Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University Bozeman, MT

11:04:31 From  Carolyn Slivinski : Carolyn Slivinski, Space Telescope Science Institute, MD

11:04:41 From  Frank and Nicole Benenati : Frank Benenati, Southern Cayuga Planetarium in Central New York

11:04:42 From  jbell : Jon Bell, Hallstrom Planetarium, Indian River State College, Fort Pierce, Florida

11:04:50 From  Pam Bowers - Drake Planetarium : Pam Bowers

11:04:51 From  Patrick Durrell : Patrick Durrell - Youngstown State University (Ohio) + Ward Beecher Planetarium

11:05:07 From  Patrick So : Patrick So, Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, CA

11:05:07 From  Benjamin Mendelsohn : Benjamin Mendelsohn, Jean & E. Floyd Kvamme Planetarium, Saratoga ,CA

11:05:18 From  Micah Acinapura : Micah Acinapura - OpenSpace

11:05:23 From  Karl : Karl von Ahnen, Santa Cruz Mountains

11:05:35 From  Pam Bowers - Drake Planetarium : Pam Bowers Drake Planetarium Cincinnati, Ohio

11:05:47 From  Seiler - Howard George : Howard George - Seiler Instrument, Saint Louis MO

11:05:56 From  Megan Villa (she/her) : Megan Villa, AMNH OpenSpace 👋

11:06:50 From  Andy Kreyche : Andy Kreyche, Hartnell College Planetarium in Salinas, California

11:06:59 From  Jeff Nee : https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/

11:07:08 From  Jeff Nee : For anyone to follow along

11:13:04 From  Rosemary Walling : Are all of these available as downloads or do they require streaming?

11:20:59 From  Carolyn Slivinski : https://www.youtube.com/hubblespacetelescope

11:21:40 From  Jeff Nee : https://hubblesite.org/resource-gallery/videos

11:22:06 From  Carolyn Slivinski : Eric Witacre's Deep Field movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDiD8F9ItX0

11:22:36 From  Carolyn Slivinski : Whitacre...

11:24:58 From  Alan Gould PPA Treasurer : AstroViz  -  https://www.universe-of-learning.org/resources/projects/astroviz

11:26:08 From  Douglas Duncan : Google Fiske Planetarium Productions

11:26:22 From  Carolyn Slivinski : https://universeunplugged.ipac.caltech.edu/

11:27:41 From  Douglas Duncan : https://www.colorado.edu/fiske/fiske-productions

11:27:52 From  Alan Gould PPA Treasurer : Also Universe Unplugged -  https://www.youtube.com/c/universeunplugged

11:28:36 From  Rosemary Walling : What is ViewSpace format?

11:29:27 From  Carolyn Slivinski : https://viewspace.org

11:29:42 From  Rosemary Walling : Thank you

11:29:56 From  Patrick So : For dome format what resolutions are offered?

11:32:00 From  James Bauman : James Bauman, North Penn Planetarium, Lansdale, PA

11:32:01 From  James Enos : James Enos, Mesa Community College

11:32:08 From  jon elvert : Jon Elvert, Richmond, Virginia

11:32:09 From  Kevin Healy : Hi everyone! Kevin Healy, Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ

11:32:31 From  Carole Holmberg, Museum of York County : Carole Holmberg, Museum of York County, Rock Hill, SC

11:32:55 From  Kevin Healy : 👍 to ESA and ESO talks

11:32:56 From  Cherilynn Morrow (she/her) : Hello Everyone!  Good to see familiar faces....Cherilynn Morrow, consultant for Southwest Research Institute (SwRI).  Outreach Director for the NASA PUNCH mission

11:33:01 From  jon elvert : ...or LIGO presentation.

11:38:03 From  Rosemary Walling : There's no shortage of topics for future PPA seminars, but NASA (and others?) for "Earth as a Planet" imagery and resources would be great.  Separately, a seminar about resources for climate change would be great.

11:39:12 From  Jeff Nee : Hi, Rosemary, here's a start for Earth and Climate change dome resources: https://informal.jpl.nasa.gov/museum/content/planetarium-resources-teaching-climate-change

11:39:52 From  Benjamin Miller : Camera is on the fritz, but hello!

11:41:09 From  Taylor Planetarium : Tested "FORWARD! To the Moon" on Monday on our 4k/40', looked great! Putting in our fall rotation.

11:43:50 From  Douglas Duncan : Felix & Paul have a fulldome camera on the ISS

11:44:14 From  Rosemary Walling : IS the five minute ISS video available as a download?

11:44:46 From  Carole Holmberg, Museum of York County : I saw on your FTP "Climate Change in Your Backyard." We liked it - and climate change is a difficult topic for us. Can we use it?

11:45:14 From  Andy Kreyche : Are there any existing fulldome launch videos available?

11:45:24 From  Jeff Nee : The Fiske Productions are free to use: https://www.colorado.edu/fiske/fiske-productions

11:45:45 From  jbell : So what will it take to put those stones back in the right place at Chaco Canyon?

11:46:02 From  Jeff Nee : Andy, there are some 360 launch videos available, so compatible with domes.  Start here, under the NASA Kennedy section: https://informal.jpl.nasa.gov/museum/360-video

11:47:00 From  Douglas Duncan : Forward to the Moon has a launch that was previously filmed in fulldome.

11:51:25 From  Jeff Nee : https://informal.jpl.nasa.gov/museum/content/basic-nasa-resources-planetariums

11:58:28 From  Jeff Nee : jnee@jpl.nasa.gov

11:58:49 From  M. Josh Roberts  : michael.j.roberts@nasa.gov

12:00:23 From  Micah Acinapura : openspace can also do a lot of types of things that the kiosk/desktop version of eyes was doing

12:00:26 From  Jeff Nee : eyes.nasa.gov.

12:00:34 From  Rosemary Walling : Requiring live internet makes it harder to use in live planetarium productions which don't have easy streaming capability

12:01:02 From  Micah Acinapura : so you can use it in a desktop/offline environment with more controls

12:01:13 From  M. Josh Roberts  : In case anyone is looking for information on tours at Ames Research center - My email is above. TLDR is that we are not giving tours yet, but we are looking forward to some date in the future

12:01:53 From  Frank Summers : Thanks for having me. Contact me at summers@stsci.edu Bye!

12:02:12 From  M. Josh Roberts  : breakfast is calling, have an excellent Friday.

12:05:17 From  Carolyn Slivinski : I'll pass your thoughts to Frank!

12:08:05 From  Karl : Excellent! Thank you everyone. Yes, Alan: Encore!

12:11:19 From  Micah Acinapura : you can use the fisheye output in openspace and do a screen recording to create a video pretty quickly

12:13:17 From  Rosemary Walling : Helping us keep uptodate would be great!

12:13:40 From  John Keller : Sorry I have to run, but thanks for the opportunity to join.

12:15:04 From  Rosemary Walling : yes!

12:15:12 From  Mitch Luman : Yes

12:15:13 From  Dário Fonseca : have Openspace scripting capabilities been improved recently? (last year or so)

12:15:57 From  Micah Acinapura : Hi @Dario, we have a lot of scripting capabilities in openspace, and we are always improving it

12:16:07 From  Kevin Healy : Jeff, could you describe the regular meeting you just mentioned? I wasn't aware of it.

12:16:41 From  Micah Acinapura : internally we have a lua console for scripting; you also can script it with JavaScript, or with python

12:17:06 From  Carolyn Slivinski : Are all of the "producers" comfortable saying "what's coming" with visualizations, until it's actually ready to be released?

12:18:44 From  Dário Fonseca : @Micah great, I'll check on that.

12:18:50 From  Dário Fonseca : thanks

12:19:53 From  Megan Villa (she/her) : Full event calendar: https://informal.jpl.nasa.gov/museum/calendar

12:20:11 From  Jeff Nee : https://informal.jpl.nasa.gov/museum/Conversations

12:20:49 From  Rosemary Walling : I have a question about VR when we change topics.

12:25:32 From  Andy Kreyche : Thanks all!

12:27:15 From  Jeff Nee : https://blogs.nasa.gov/

12:38:25 From  Taylor Planetarium : 2m is a good time to give basic info to audience  5m and we're often into trying to explain in-depth physics

12:38:50 From  Megan Villa (she/her) : I've got to go, thanks everyone!

12:40:09 From  Micah Acinapura : was interesting for me to be here and listen, thanks!

12:40:14 From  Taylor Planetarium : Thanks presenters / everyone!

12:40:18 From  Rosemary Walling : Thank you.  This was great!