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The Pacific Planetarium Association (PPA) is a non-profit organization with members mostly from planetariums in the western states of Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington.

Our mission is to facilitate communication and cooperation among members of the planetarium community to help them provide the very best services to their respective communities in science literacy, arts & humanities awareness, and understanding of our universe.

Goto Mercury Planetarium projector with M81, M82 in background
Planetarium Planetarium projector and M81, M82

Upcoming PPA events: 

2024 Planetarians' Zoom Seminars (PZSs) are usually on the last Friday of the month. They are recorded and archived on the Seminar Archive page. For connection URL, see the Seminar Connection page. See Seminar Schedule page for full descriptions. 

2024 Oct 22–26 WAC conference with GLPA in Peoria IL 


Support the PPA!

You may support PPA projects, including the Mini Grant program, by contributing with credit card, debit card, or Paypal using this Donate button: 

Alternatively, send a check made out to Pacific Planetarium Association to Alan Gould, PPA Treasurer, 1256 Spruce St, Berkeley CA 94709 .

To become a PPA member, see the PPA Membership page.

M13 image by Rich Lohman
M13 image by Rich Lohman

The Pacific Planetarium Association pay tribute to the lives and legacies of dear members who have passed on, but remain with us in memory: Don Warren (1999), Charles Hagar (2013), Lonny Baker (2015), Dale Etheridge (2019), Mike Bennett (2021), and Steve Craig (2021).

PPA is an affiliate of the International Planetarium Society. Recordings of recent IPS virtual conferences are on the IPS youtube channel.

PPA is also one of the associations in the Western Alliance Conference of Planetarium Associations (WAC—Western Alliance Conference).

PPA youtube channel: youtube.com/@ppadomes