Seminar Connection

To join a Planetarians Zoom Seminar by computer, point your browser to or go to, click JOIN A MEETING, and use ID#: 908-220-6531 Password will be sent via email to dome-L and the PPA email list the day before the seminar as well as 20 minutes before the start time.

Please use your real name, since anyone who uses a strange or inadequate name may not be admitted to the webinar from the waiting room for security reasons. We will not allow participants to change their zoom screen names, so if you join with an incorrect name, just ask the host or a co-host to change it to your real name.

Helix Nebula image by Glenn Reagan

If possible join the seminar early and introduce yourself aloud and in the chat with your real name, planetarium, and hometown.

For smart phones and tablets there are Zoom apps (for Android and iOS) that allow you to connect to the meeting with those devices.

See also: PZS Schedule and PZS archive.

Image: Helix Nebula, by G. Reagan, 2009

Tzec Maun Observatory, AP206 Telescope.