The Pacific Planetarium Association (PPA) is a non-profit organization with members mostly from planetariums in the western states of Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington.

Our mission is to facilitate communication and cooperation among members of the planetarium community to help them provide the very best services to their respective communities in science literacy, arts & humanities awareness, and understanding of our universe.

Upcoming PPA events:

  • Planetarians' Zoom Seminars (PZSs) are usually on the last Friday of the month. They are recorded and archived on the Seminar Archive page. For connection URL, see the Seminar Connection page. See Seminar Schedule page for full descriptions.

  • 2022 May 27, 11am PDT, Planetarians' Zoom Seminar will be a panel-symposium to explore and discuss various ways that NASA currently supports planetariums and what the future could hold. Panelists will include Mark Subbarao (NASA Scientific Visualization Studio; SVS), Jeff Nee (Museum & Informal Education Alliance, JPL), Doug Duncan and John Keller (University of Colorado Fiske Planetarium), Frank Summers (Space Telescope Science Institute), and possibly others. Join in to hear what's available and share your ideas about how NASA could enhance its support for the planetariums of the world, and your planetarium in particular.

  • 2022 June 24,11am PDT, we will have a get together to recall the early days of the PPA with PPA old-timers especially invited to reminisce and tell stories. We had one of these last June and two of the old-timers who attended passed away in the fall, Mike Bennett and Steve Craig. Mike has left us some of the early newsletters, the Pointer, that we are digitizing and putting on the PPA website, so we can have a look at those as part of this get together.

  • 2022 August 22–27 PPA & WAC join the SEPA Conference at U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama

Goto Mercury Planetarium projector with M81, M82 in background
Planetarium Planetarium projector with M81, M82 in background


M13 image by Rich Lohman
M13 image by Rich Lohman

The Pacific Planetarium Association would like to acknowledge the life and legacy of Dale Etheridge, founding member of the PPA, who has passed on, but remains with us in memory.

PPA is an affiliate of the International Planetarium Society. Recordings of recent IPS virtual conferences are on the IPS youtube channel.

PPA is also one of the associations in the Western Alliance of Planetarium Associations (also known as Western Alliance Conferences or WAC).