Benefits of membership include:

  • PPA Google Group <> for members only enables you to receive occasional email updates as well as communicate with and ask questions of other PPA members,
  • supporting the quarterly online journal Great Western Observer,
  • annual conferences and collaboration with other planetarium regions,
  • Planetarians' Web Seminars held nearly monthly, and
  • most importantly, it is your way of being a professional in your field and joining in with colleagues from throughout our region in the western U.S.

To Join PPA or Renew

If you are renewing your PPA membership, first check the PPA Membership List below to see your membership expiration year (1st column). 
1-year to 5-year renewals can be made and the expiration is adjusted relative to the year that the payment is made after it is confirmed by the PPA Secretary/Treasurer. 

Joining as a new member or renewing membership is a 2-step process:

  1. Fill out the PPA Membership Update Form to enter or update your membership information. The form allows you to designate information for public posting separate from private personal information. If you are renewing, you can see your public information in the membership list below and use the update form to notify us of changes and provide any secure private information you care to give as well. 
  2. Pay the membership dues ($15/year). You may
    (a) use the PayPal button at right for credit card or PayPal payment, or
    (b) write a check ($15/yr), made out to Pacific Planetarium Association Inc, and send it to Alan Gould, PPA Secretary/Treasurer, 1256 Spruce St, Berkeley CA 94709. See our convenient self-mailer for sending a check.
    If you have special instructions (e.g. if you are paying for someone else's membership), be sure to email the PPA Treasurer about that. 
List of Members updated by Secretary Alan Gould mostly based on PPA Membership Update Form submissions.

To update your info in the above table, please use the 
PPA membership info update form... notify the Treasurer of updates to your member information.

If your info in the PPA member list is mostly correct, you need only fill out the required items and items needing update in the form. Changes do not happen immediately. If you are not paying for membership at this time, notify the PPA Treasurer, Alan Gould <> that you have submitted change(s) apart from paying dues.

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