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The latest Western Alliance Conference (WAC) was in Omaha, NE July 31- Aug 3, 2019
Save the date - WAC 2019

Message from conference organizer, Krista Testin, Durham Science Center, University of Nebraska at Omaha:

We are excited to offer a twist to the Western Alliance Conference this year. We are inviting in-/pre-service educators to connect them with our profession. I have been looking at the map of the conference space and there is an area that we feel would be great for showcasing poster presentations from planetariums, pre-service teachers, and astronomy majors. Also, Omaha has a great deal of family friendly activities around the city; such as our world class zoo (where we are going to have the banquet), the botanical gardens, children’s museum, art galleries, board game libraries, Old Market district shopping, and assorted hiking trails. The goal is to give you the professional development opportunity and have some guidance to family/spouse/partner activities during that same time. You may have noticed that the hotel we selected for the conference also has an indoor water park.

Open up your calendars and circle July 31 to August 3, 2019 and label it “Going to Omaha!”
Here are some Guidelines for hosting Western Alliance Conferences (WACs) 

Here is a listing of past WACs.
Year Dates Host City State # attending
LA Valley College Valley Glen CA

Phoenix AZ - 

Dallas TX - 
2001 Oct 4-7 Lane Planetarium Eugene OR 76
2002 Oct 15-20 Houston Museum of Natural Science Houston TX
2003 Oct 9-11 Clark Planetarium Salt Lake City UT
2004 Sep 29-Oct 2 Reuben H. Fleet Science Center San Diego CA
2005 Sep 6-9 Gates Planetarium Denver Museum of Nature & Science Denver CO
2006 Aug 23-26 Houston Museum of Natural Science Houston TX 67
2007 Sep 20-22 University of Alaska Fairbanks AK 62
2008 Jun 27-Jul 2 Adler Planetarium Chicago IL (IPS)
2009 Jun 16-18 Sudekum Planetarium Nashville TN 149
2010 Aug 3-6 King Science & Technology Magnet Center Omaha NE ~50
2011 Jul 26-30 Mayborn Planetarium & Space Theater at Central Texas College Killeen TX 97
2012 Jul 22-26 Irene W. Pennington Planetarium Baton Rouge LA (IPS)
2013 Sep 17-20 Gottlieb Planetarium & Science City at Union Station Kansas City MO  62
2014 Jul 22-25 University of Texas Arlington TX 
2015 Jul 29-Aug 2 
Albuquerque NM 97

Warsaw Poland (IPS)
2017 Oct 10-14 James S. McDonnell Planetarium St Louis Science Center
(Pleiades national conference)
St Louis MO
2018 Jun 5-9 Sharpe Planetarium Pink Palace Museum Memphis TN (SEPA/WAC)
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