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The Pacific Planetarium Association is a non-profit organization with members mostly from planetariums in the western states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington.

Watch recordings of Planetarians' Web Seminars. 

Upcoming PPA events: 

  • 2019 February 22, 3:30 pm PST (23:30 UT)  Planetarians' Web Seminar. Topic: Bridging Citizen Science and working-class neighborhoods. Presenter: Rosalía Lugo, M.Ed; Program Manager Adler Planetarium. The seminar is about empowering people of all ages to participate and make an impact on real science research.[attend via Zoom videoconference; for how to connect, see http://www.ppadomes.org/events/zoom-seminars]

  • 2019 March 29,  3:30 pm PST (23:30 UT) Planetarians' Web Seminar.  Topic: Getting Started with Educational Research in the Planetarium. Presenter: Dr. Julia D. Plummer, Associate Professor of Science Education at Penn State, engaged in research on the design of learning environments that support children's spatial thinking and science practices in the domain of astronomy. This presentation will discuss some of basic steps for designing and implementing educational research in the planetarium. Using examples from my own planetarium education research studies, I will discuss the importance of using research literature to define and justify research questions.  I’ll discuss the relationship between research questions and the specifics of your research methods, such how to plan for data collection, how many participants to include, and whether you should include a control group.  We’ll consider the strengths and weaknesses of different research methods, such as comparing multiple-choice questions to open-ended response methods.

  • 2019 July 31- Aug 3: Western Alliance Conference (WAC) in Omaha, NE 

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